Tuesday, 13 August 2013


The 2 juv Sparrowhawks were ringed and released last week. Both birds were flying and eating well and looked spectacular in the sky at release. Adam and I just about to let go !

The juv House Martins had been flying and calling well at home so they were ringed and released into a big sky at Wheldrake. Its like Walt Disney when they go , swooping and eating up the sky, brings a tear to the eye. Good Luck to them and I hope they see Africa.
This x ray clearly shows shotgun pellets and the broken wing bones on a wild adult male Kerstrel. The lovely bird was found nr Garrowby and this incident is being investigated by Humberside Police. The bird was put to sleep as he would never be a flyer, shame on the shotgun holder.
Another juv Kestrel found down and thin. She's recovering slowly but is eating and peace and quiet should do the trick.
I was called to view a badger holed up in a shed near Kirbymoorside. This little sow had a horrendous maggoty fight wound to her rump. I swilled the wound as best I could the night I picked her up and was waiting on Battleflatts vets doorstep at 8am the next morning. Mike Jones took charge and we knocked her out to clean out the badger fight wound to her rump.
Mike flushed out plenty of the horrid white wrigglers and the wound looked big and meaty but clean and maggot free.

She was given antibiotics, ear drops for infection there and her wound was plastered with maggot cream. I brought her home and here she lays under the heat lamp recovering from the anaesthetic.
She's eaten up over night and is moving well and still loving the warmth of the heat lamp.
No sign of flesh eating maggots, so things are looking up for this pretty little badger.

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