Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Shot Birds of Prey
Female Red kite found downed at Low Marishes , x rayed and she had been illegally shot gun shot. She faired well, they are tricky to look after, need to keep those wonderful feathers in good condition.
Here she being released by Jack Ashton-Booth with Robert Fuller taking this lovely picture. Always good to get one back especially after shooting.
An adult Buzzard was brought in with gun shot wounds to the wing. The wing was broken in 2 places and was expertly pinned by Mark Naguib vet at Battleflatts Vets, Stamford bridge, York. It was tricky to get the bones aligned and to keep the bird quiet and settled whilst the bones healed. All went well and the bird was released back. Sadly shot and persecuted birds of prey are far too common in these parts.
This beautiful Peregrine was brought in by Helen RSPCA ACO found under power lines in East Yorkshire. He had a broken wing and was examined by Mark Naguib , vet who pinned the wing with the hope of getting this wonderful bird flying again.
The bird was kept in a quiet shed in a raptor rescue intensive care box, he fed well ,took his antibiotics and was rested there for a month. The pins were removed and now he needed to be flown to get fit again before release. Charlie Heap of the National Bird of Prey Centre at Duncombe Park, Helmsley offered to fly him so he could regain his fitness.
Charlie and his team did a great job of getting him fit and he was ready for release. Mark Naguib and I took him back to where he was found and he was released back to his own territory. Brought a tear but not for long , wonderful to see him go. My grateful thanks to Mark Naguib and the vets and nurses at Battlefatts vets at Stamford Bridge and to Charlie and his team at Helmsley. Team work and what a team and what a result.
I was called out by NYP to attend an injured adult sow badger rolled up tight in the egg laying compartment of a small hen hut. Liam Pointon from Haxby York had shot the captive animal 4 times with an air rifle and then clubbed her and bragged she still wasn't dead. It was a dark winter Saturday night and the badger was difficult to extract. I got her home and she was x rayed by Mark and her eye ball had to be removed . She coped well in rehab and thankfully regained fitness and was quietly released back to her home territory. Liam Pointon was taken to court and received the palrty sentence of 150 hours community service after not turning up to court and being arrested. This Buzzard was found at Westerdale on the North York Moors which is a National Park. The bird had barely left its nest and had been shotgun shot and caught in an illegal fenn / pole trap. It had to be put to sleep. Anyone who is aware of these illegally set traps left out in the open then please get in touch with me of PC Jez Wamlsley the Wildlife Crime Officer at Malton. Releasing some Goldfinches this week.

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Happy New Year 2016.

Here's Mrs Sparrowhawk making her daily visit to be fed. She was brought here 7 years ago as a juvenile from Scarboro after fracturing her wing. She faired well and was released here.She arrived back on top of an aviary within a week and I started feeding her. Such a privilege to see her nearly every day. She disappears during the breeding season and once her mate followed her in to feed. He was a small dark handsome male. Long may she reign. 2 juv Sparrowhawks came in from the RSPCA,they were lifted from a back garden where they were being kept illegally. Both were well , a brother and sister. I kept them separately as the bigger female can attack the smaller male. Both did well, were wild and were released in separate wooded areas. It was August so plenty of food about. A couple from the North East have very recently been found guilty of cruelty to amimals . Red the buzzard arrived here in 2014 in a very poor state. She was found in a coal bunker in Leeds. All her flight and tail feathers were broken , her wing butts and cere were raw and bleeding and she was very skinny and under weight. The West Yorkshire Police WCO lifted her and she took readily to the space and food in an aviary here. It took a year for her to regain her plumage and for her previous "owner" to come to court. Her eventual release was moving and will remain unforgettable. Sadly wildlife persecution is still rife here in Yorkshire so please report any concerns to police or me to pass on. I was asked to attend a badger dig near Whitby in October. This black terrier appeared from below ground at the sett and clearly showed the injuries a terrier faces. The diggers did a runner with 2 more terriers never to be seen again. The injured dog had surgery to its injured bottom jaw. She's out of it now thankgoodness. I attended another badger dig near Selby where blood was splattered about the dug area. Anyone out in the countryside who hears or see's men with terriers, spades etc do ring it in to the police with locations straight away, badges could be saved if you do. Take car numbers but take care.

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Summer Time.

Hannah, Jamie, Lucy and me well muddy after ringing Greylag goslings and then releasing rehab Mallards at Wheldrake.
These x rays show a bad break on an adult Kestrels wing, the bird had been shot. The bird was found at Leppington and treated by Mark Naguib, experienced bird vet at Battleflatts vets, Stamford Bridge. He expertly pinned the wing and the bird stayed a while with me for rehab. Thankfully it worked out even though the bird removed the pin him self 10 days in !
Here he is just about to go, always thrilling but more so when you realise how far you've come with all the treatment and rehab needed to get this bird right. He flew well into an ash tree and called as he landed . Yippee !!
Tyto Guttata. This stunning German Barn Owl was found on a container ship bound for Immingham. She was taken to the dock office on landing and passed to vets from there. She ended up here, thin beautiful but with a badly dislocated elbow joint. Sad but an amazing bird to see.
These little belters came to stay for a weekend. This pair of female Peregrine chicks were being illegally held and were brought here by Steve Downing RSPB investigator. I think you can tell Mark Naguib and I were well impressed with them. They were wild fostered and thank goodness it all worked out and they now live a wild life. There is a court case pending so will tell all as and when.
Here's Bella with some of this years juv hedgehogs, I've just released the last of them, they seem to have had a good year.
This little dog otter cub was found alone on a jetty on a fishing pond in East Yorkshire. He was squeaking loudly and should not have been away from his family. They are the most amazing things to have in the hand and he faired well. He is now safely housed for rearing at the New Forest Wildlife Park who do a wonderful job of rearing wild otter cubs.
Releasing a young Tawny Owl after an rta, always the best bit. I've 2 Buzzards on the go, 2 this years Sparrowhawks, more hedgehogs, collared doves etc etc.

Wednesday, 6 May 2015


The little Kestrel who was found shotgun shot and had its leg pinned by vet Mark Naguib went on to release. All the hard work came right and this lovely bird was returned to its home territory. Here is the release picture taken by Craig Ralston. Even more wonderful is Craig spotted the bird this last week end sitting on the farmhouse roof where she was originally found, happy days.
I've had a variety of thin /rta olws here , always good to get them back out again. Bella my grandaughter is getting a dab hand at releases.
I had 2 Common Scoters found inland at Easingwold and Harome 5 days apart. They travel over land to breeding grounds in the North and find it impossible to take off from the land.Both were well and just needed the sea to feed and take off again . They were released in Scarborough Bay , scooting off over the water to be seen ducking and diving for food within minutes, lovely birds to have in the hand. My thanks to Craig Ralston yet again for first class birding advice.
A female Kestrel was found injured last October near Scunthorpe and taken to a pigeon fancier who housed the bird in a large pigeon loft. The bird recovered but was never released. I was asked by RSPB and Humberside Police to catch and assess the bird for release. She was light but feather perfect and very wild. She gained weight and did well and was released at Wheldrake on the LDV NNR.She had been ringed previously in Sweden in July as a nestling in a brood of 4 ! What a tale she could tell.
This fight wounded badger stayed a while in April. Here he is ready for off and looking longingly for home in the travelling cage. He was released back to his home territory , let's hope he's learned some manners.
Yet another wild bird of prey persecution case, a shot gun shot breeding female Buzzard. The bird was found in Nettledale Old Byland. A pellet had travelled through her brood patch , up through her heart to lodge near her collar bone. She may have been shot on the nest. What 1st class b does this to one of our own ? PC Jez Walmsley at Malton Police Station is the Wildlife Crime Officer , he is investigating and seems to be finding out allsorts about the area.
Here's the happy throng, spring is here and the mallard ducklings and greylag goslings are growing fast. Bella "loves" them.