Friday, 26 July 2013

Summer time.......



 Juv Sparrowhawk from the Minster Gardens, York growing and eating well.
I just love Sparrowhawks and he's a little beauty, won't be long before he's off.

Little Owl from Potter Brompton found on her back flicking in a lay bye. She had a bruised wing and thigh. She went back successfully this morning

Lots of hedgehogs in ,thankfully all eating well and thriving. These 4 came from Dunnington and are now out in a rabbit hutch and doing well. 6 released in hedgehog friendly gardens.Please put out cat food and a bowl of water during this dry warm time , just helps them out.
 Marbled White butterfly on the hill behind the house.

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Good Deed of the Day !

 I was called out this morning to my old friend and his family from Beck Mills,the Mute swans were on the move. They were seen on one of the side streets on Welham Road trying to get to the River Derwent. They do this every year trying to reach the river ,as the cygnets have yet to grow flight feathers , they walk them down the busy road. A local man had seen them and he came with me to round them up. I caught the adults first and sat them in the back of the car. The 9 cygnets were put in throught the side doors so no one escaped !
They hold a constant conversation throughout reassuring each other.
I took them straight to the river , 11 swans in the car is quite something ! Makes me smile , they are quite accepting once you get hold of them.

I carried the adults one by one and then armfuls of cygnets. The adults call and the cygnets reply as they family are reunited. Once all are together and water born again the party sail off without a care to continue there wild life on the River Derwent.
All very satisfactory .
 Just released this little clan of Bullfinch, their nest was disturbed and they came for finishing off. They did well and have gone out today fingers crossed for them.