Thursday, 28 October 2010

Mallard Ducklings in October ?!

These 3 little beauties arrived this week from York, a bit late in the year but they should do well.

I've 4 Tawny Owls in, all found near roads , all doing well. One has a broken wing but in the right place so should heal ok.

A Sparrowhawk from Wiggington Road, York is nearly ready to go.

An adult Mallard arrived from Hull with a split bill , top and bottom, has been stitched and is healing well.

A Moorhen came in at 9pm last night with fishing line entwined tightly round a leg. We carefully picked at the fine fishing line and removed all before leaving the bird to rest. He's stood this morning and has eaten some cat food and mealworms so can go back tomorrow.

There are 8 hedgehogs in , mostly eating well and looking good.

I lost a swan this week that had flown into overhead power cables, such a big fine adult too.
He never recovered.

I've moved cygnets from gardens and road sides. The young birds of this year are being seen off by thier parents , which is normal for Mute swans.The cygnets hang about feeling confused and get into all sorts of scrapes. The key is to get them in with other non breeding swans and then all is well.  

The rehabbed female Sparrowhawk is still calling and looking much warier and wilder.
She is a big fine bird and flashes in and out sometimes taking the food I put out for her.

Saturday, 9 October 2010


Shot Buzzard Release

Here is the shot gun shot Buzzard on release.
She was released at Skipworth Common.
She was ringed and examined by Craig Ralston of Natural England
and Dave Tate, both experienced birders.
Her shot through flight feathers were a concern for me.
Both Craig and Dave thought the feathers were not too short and she should be a strong flyer.They i.d.'d her as a last years breeding female She was so keen to go and flew well across plough.

It's always good to get any injured bird rehabilitated.To return a deliberately shot bird of prey back to the wild is quite something.
My thanks to Craig and Dave for thier help.

I heard from Craig the day after release.
He had been on the reserve and saw 5 Buzzards doing thier familiar flying, circling and calling over Skipworth. Among them was the shot female her short flight feathers obvious to see,mega !

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Shot Buzzard update.

The shot Buzzard from Nidderdale was sat high up this morning in her confined shed. She has been here 22 days. Her shotgun shot wounds to the leg are healed and clean. She has eaten well and remained as calm as a wild bird can be in close confinement.

I moved her over this morning to bigger quarters and hopefully she will not bat about making her damaged flight feathers any worse.
She is perched high up this afternoon and is flying from perch to perch. So things are looking good for her.
I'm searching for a good , safe and suitable habitat to release her in. She can't go back to Nidderdale , I'm told its bandit country for birds of prey up there.
Hopefully she will go on to lead the wild life she was intended for.

I've rescued cynets off the A64 and the main Pickering road, picked up hedgehogs from drains and released
a Tawny ,  Heron and a Sparrowhawk.  
I looked after a domestic pet pet rabbit that was found wandering on the main Beverley Road , some girls came looking for him and Mr. Snuggles went safely home , I like a happy ending !