Saturday, 2 November 2013

An Award.....................for me !

My thanks to I.F.A.W. for an Animal Action Award 2013 !

I've had some young Gannets to contend with. All found inland these 2 from Warthill and Garrowby neither places suitable for an ocean going sea bird.
They are tricky to handle, aggressive and dangerous, those dagger beaks able to inflict some damage.

Amy and Tod at the Sea Life Centre handle them well and soon had them fed and settled.
Once they're weights are good they were released at Bempton to continue their life at sea.
My thanks to the Sea Life Centre at Scarboro.

This Greylag was found downed on farm land and on x ray was found to be full of shotgun shot.
Mark at Battleflatts vets examined her and luckily the shot had missed the vital organs. She came home with me and within a week was standing, feeding well and paddling about on the water.
She was released at Wheldrake and swum off to join some more .

The badger cull in the South West has been praying on my mind. The science the government constantly told us was what it was all about,has been at best ignored and at worst lied about.

We wait now for the "independent " report ,  I fear the worse, more lies and half truths.