Saturday, 3 August 2013

Birds of Prey

Juv birds of prey have been sparse this year. I've only had 2 young Tawnies, both rta's and too badly injured to survive. No juv Barn Owls ...yet, I think the females were not in breeding condition after the long cold spring. This little Kestrel was found thin and covered in flat flies on the road at Millington Pasture. He was taken to Robert Fuller who passed him to me to rehab here. He's eating well and flying so just needs time.

This bird came in as a Sparrowhawk ! I don't think so. This female Kestrel was found downed in Hull ,been at a vets there for a day or two and came in very thin and covered in dusty soot.I washed her as soot is corrosive so hope she hasn't been preening too much. She was and is extremely hungry and tit bit feeds well. She's still confined to a box but has started to feed herself so will be in an aviary soon.

A young female Sparrowhawk was found in the back yard of a house in York, she was unable to fly. One wing was proud and I hoped it wasn't broken at the shoulder. Mark the vet at Battleflatts, Stamford Bridge x rayed her and all seems to be good. She ate well and is now flying well in an aviary so will soon be ready for off.
There are 10 young hedgehogs here all eating, growing and looking good. The littlest male is a real character and has been hand reared so comes to say hello.
The warm weather has brought out the butterflies, here's a fine Peacock resting in the garden today.

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