Sunday, 21 April 2013

Spring ?


A skinny badger was being fed by a kind farmers wife near Scarboro. He was sleeping rough in the buildings and had badger fight wounds to his rump and neck. The RSPCA collected him and he arrived here after being seen by Mike Jones, Battleflatts vets. He ate well, was given antibiotics and rested up under a heat lamp.
He was ready for release and was boxed up for his return. He's put on weight, looked clean and rested
and we took him home. The farmers son took us up the fields which was in the middle of 3 different setts.
He lifted his head and drank in the smell of home as we lifted the box from the car. We had to tip him out where he ran down hill for home. His sett was on the sloping woodland in the release picture. To get there he followed the cover of the hedgerows and we saw him in the gaps going fast and strong for home. Lovely.
 Bella with 2 leverets , the first of the Spring youngsters. They've been joined by 2 Mallard ducklings and 2 baby it begins !
This newly woken hedgehog was found in a fen trap and came in for some food and assessment. He's doing well and can go out this week. The circumstances of his capture are being dealt with by the North Yorkshire Police.
I cared for a tired thin Guillemot found beached after heavy storms in the North Sea. Tod German at The Sea Life Centre, Scarboro' had some taken in too. I took mine to him so they could be cared for together. Tod does a superb job with them and here they are looking good in a sea water pool .
He was caring for 6 Guillemots, a Razorbill, a Puffin and a skinny Gannet.
Here's RSPCA In Geoff Edmond, me and Tod,  looking over the sea birds being rehabbed .