Wednesday, 6 May 2015


The little Kestrel who was found shotgun shot and had its leg pinned by vet Mark Naguib went on to release. All the hard work came right and this lovely bird was returned to its home territory. Here is the release picture taken by Craig Ralston. Even more wonderful is Craig spotted the bird this last week end sitting on the farmhouse roof where she was originally found, happy days.
I've had a variety of thin /rta olws here , always good to get them back out again. Bella my grandaughter is getting a dab hand at releases.
I had 2 Common Scoters found inland at Easingwold and Harome 5 days apart. They travel over land to breeding grounds in the North and find it impossible to take off from the land.Both were well and just needed the sea to feed and take off again . They were released in Scarborough Bay , scooting off over the water to be seen ducking and diving for food within minutes, lovely birds to have in the hand. My thanks to Craig Ralston yet again for first class birding advice.
A female Kestrel was found injured last October near Scunthorpe and taken to a pigeon fancier who housed the bird in a large pigeon loft. The bird recovered but was never released. I was asked by RSPB and Humberside Police to catch and assess the bird for release. She was light but feather perfect and very wild. She gained weight and did well and was released at Wheldrake on the LDV NNR.She had been ringed previously in Sweden in July as a nestling in a brood of 4 ! What a tale she could tell.
This fight wounded badger stayed a while in April. Here he is ready for off and looking longingly for home in the travelling cage. He was released back to his home territory , let's hope he's learned some manners.
Yet another wild bird of prey persecution case, a shot gun shot breeding female Buzzard. The bird was found in Nettledale Old Byland. A pellet had travelled through her brood patch , up through her heart to lodge near her collar bone. She may have been shot on the nest. What 1st class b does this to one of our own ? PC Jez Walmsley at Malton Police Station is the Wildlife Crime Officer , he is investigating and seems to be finding out allsorts about the area.
Here's the happy throng, spring is here and the mallard ducklings and greylag goslings are growing fast. Bella "loves" them.