Sunday, 9 March 2014

Lord Crathorne and the MBE, otters, Kestrels and the Whooper !

Family and friends attended the presentation of the MBE by Lord Crathorne at N.E. Base at Bank Island, Wheldrake on Friday.

Lord Crathorne is a lovely man and put everyone at ease and came especially to Wheldrake to present the medal.

My thanks to Robin and Diana Arundale for their nomination, Craig Ralston for hosting the presentation and his support and friendship over the years.

It was an unforgettable day .

Bella my granddaughter enjoyed the day too.

 This young male otter was found sitting amongst the pet products at a garden centre near Beverley. He had a sore face and infected bite wounds. Leanne from the RSPCA gathered him up and his injuries were treated by vet Mike Jones at Battleflatts Vets, Stamford Bridge.

He came home full of antibiotics and was left to rest in a warm shed with food. He lay quiet for a day and night before trying the trout and rabbit left out for him. A week later he was knocked out again to lift the scabs and clean up the wounds . Thankfully he was healing well and eating all before him.

A few days later he decided it was time to go, testing the pen, climbing and generally wanting to be off. Otters are great escape artists and when they want to go, they have to go as breaking teeth and hurting themselves on the enclosure is common. So I boxed him up and we headed back to the garden centre, it was too busy an area. I had a drive about to get him near the river systems he knew but
away from roads and people. I drove down and spoke to local people and found a good spot, with ditches and some cover leading to the river.
 Here he is in full control stepping out to go home. He swam the ditch, climbed the banking and humpily strode off under cover to the river. Marvellous !

Up date.
The beautiful Whooper swan cared for and released was seen 10 days ago with the main flock of over 70 birds near Bubwith Bridge. His darvik ring confirming his presence back safe and sound with his own.

He will very soon be flying back to whooper swan breeding grounds in Iceland and places north.
We look forward to hearing of his travels ,so good to know he survived so far, all so satisfying when things work out.

A Kestrel was found down near Goole and came here for some rest and rehabilitation and was successfully released back.

The over wintered hedgehogs are fat and well and are being released, so good to know they are back out there.

Spring is coming , the sunshine cheers everyone up, the birds are singing and the days are getting longer, hurray.