Friday, 20 December 2013

Ottery Pottery

This skinny otter cub was found lost and alone on a driveway near Stokesley this week. She was taken to the local vets .They found she had sore pads and was quite subdued. They rang the Sea Life Centre in Scarborough who suggested they ring me. I went over to collect her . She was very quiet and sad. I fluid fed her as she's had some fish at the vets and left her to rest in a quiet shed with warmth and strips of raw trout.

Otter cubs take a year to rear and The New Forest Wildlife Park have a wonderful reputation for caring for them. They are reared wild and ready for release at over a year old.
So she travelled down to them , I hope she fairs well and a big thankyou for their care of wild otters.

Saturday, 2 November 2013

An Award.....................for me !

My thanks to I.F.A.W. for an Animal Action Award 2013 !

I've had some young Gannets to contend with. All found inland these 2 from Warthill and Garrowby neither places suitable for an ocean going sea bird.
They are tricky to handle, aggressive and dangerous, those dagger beaks able to inflict some damage.

Amy and Tod at the Sea Life Centre handle them well and soon had them fed and settled.
Once they're weights are good they were released at Bempton to continue their life at sea.
My thanks to the Sea Life Centre at Scarboro.

This Greylag was found downed on farm land and on x ray was found to be full of shotgun shot.
Mark at Battleflatts vets examined her and luckily the shot had missed the vital organs. She came home with me and within a week was standing, feeding well and paddling about on the water.
She was released at Wheldrake and swum off to join some more .

The badger cull in the South West has been praying on my mind. The science the government constantly told us was what it was all about,has been at best ignored and at worst lied about.

We wait now for the "independent " report ,  I fear the worse, more lies and half truths.

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Dark Days for Badgers and a Good Day for a Buzzard.

The badger cull has begun and the free shooting of healthy badgers in the South West is happening now. Do look at all the information now freely available and make up your own minds. The scientists and conservationists are up in arms as it just makes no sense. Badgers are dying to prove a political point. Shame on you nfu and Owen Patterson I will never vote for you and yours. I'm sad, mad and no one seems to be is listening , they have their blinkers on, this cull will harm the farming community and the politicians.
Rant will never be over...................... 

A large this years female Buzzard was found downed by a farm gate. She was gathered up by the kind farming family and we met up to try and help this bird. She was x rayed by Mike Jones and found to have air under the skin on one thigh and shoulder. She had a bruise and had damaged her air sacs.
She settled in a small shed , was fed and left to rest. She had 5 days of medication and was soon fit and raring to go. I took her back  for release and here she is ready to go.
Nicola the land owner took this video on her phone , always the best bit of rehab !
My spirits have been lifted this week with the release of various birds of prey including this Little Owl. It was found in some nettles and was protesting loudly as a Sparrowhawk had it pinned to the ground. 
It recovered and was released this week along with 2 Kestrels, the Buzzard, a Tawny and a Sparrowhawk.


Tuesday, 13 August 2013


The 2 juv Sparrowhawks were ringed and released last week. Both birds were flying and eating well and looked spectacular in the sky at release. Adam and I just about to let go !

The juv House Martins had been flying and calling well at home so they were ringed and released into a big sky at Wheldrake. Its like Walt Disney when they go , swooping and eating up the sky, brings a tear to the eye. Good Luck to them and I hope they see Africa.
This x ray clearly shows shotgun pellets and the broken wing bones on a wild adult male Kerstrel. The lovely bird was found nr Garrowby and this incident is being investigated by Humberside Police. The bird was put to sleep as he would never be a flyer, shame on the shotgun holder.
Another juv Kestrel found down and thin. She's recovering slowly but is eating and peace and quiet should do the trick.
I was called to view a badger holed up in a shed near Kirbymoorside. This little sow had a horrendous maggoty fight wound to her rump. I swilled the wound as best I could the night I picked her up and was waiting on Battleflatts vets doorstep at 8am the next morning. Mike Jones took charge and we knocked her out to clean out the badger fight wound to her rump.
Mike flushed out plenty of the horrid white wrigglers and the wound looked big and meaty but clean and maggot free.

She was given antibiotics, ear drops for infection there and her wound was plastered with maggot cream. I brought her home and here she lays under the heat lamp recovering from the anaesthetic.
She's eaten up over night and is moving well and still loving the warmth of the heat lamp.
No sign of flesh eating maggots, so things are looking up for this pretty little badger.

Saturday, 3 August 2013

Birds of Prey

Juv birds of prey have been sparse this year. I've only had 2 young Tawnies, both rta's and too badly injured to survive. No juv Barn Owls ...yet, I think the females were not in breeding condition after the long cold spring. This little Kestrel was found thin and covered in flat flies on the road at Millington Pasture. He was taken to Robert Fuller who passed him to me to rehab here. He's eating well and flying so just needs time.

This bird came in as a Sparrowhawk ! I don't think so. This female Kestrel was found downed in Hull ,been at a vets there for a day or two and came in very thin and covered in dusty soot.I washed her as soot is corrosive so hope she hasn't been preening too much. She was and is extremely hungry and tit bit feeds well. She's still confined to a box but has started to feed herself so will be in an aviary soon.

A young female Sparrowhawk was found in the back yard of a house in York, she was unable to fly. One wing was proud and I hoped it wasn't broken at the shoulder. Mark the vet at Battleflatts, Stamford Bridge x rayed her and all seems to be good. She ate well and is now flying well in an aviary so will soon be ready for off.
There are 10 young hedgehogs here all eating, growing and looking good. The littlest male is a real character and has been hand reared so comes to say hello.
The warm weather has brought out the butterflies, here's a fine Peacock resting in the garden today.

Friday, 26 July 2013

Summer time.......



 Juv Sparrowhawk from the Minster Gardens, York growing and eating well.
I just love Sparrowhawks and he's a little beauty, won't be long before he's off.

Little Owl from Potter Brompton found on her back flicking in a lay bye. She had a bruised wing and thigh. She went back successfully this morning

Lots of hedgehogs in ,thankfully all eating well and thriving. These 4 came from Dunnington and are now out in a rabbit hutch and doing well. 6 released in hedgehog friendly gardens.Please put out cat food and a bowl of water during this dry warm time , just helps them out.
 Marbled White butterfly on the hill behind the house.

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Good Deed of the Day !

 I was called out this morning to my old friend and his family from Beck Mills,the Mute swans were on the move. They were seen on one of the side streets on Welham Road trying to get to the River Derwent. They do this every year trying to reach the river ,as the cygnets have yet to grow flight feathers , they walk them down the busy road. A local man had seen them and he came with me to round them up. I caught the adults first and sat them in the back of the car. The 9 cygnets were put in throught the side doors so no one escaped !
They hold a constant conversation throughout reassuring each other.
I took them straight to the river , 11 swans in the car is quite something ! Makes me smile , they are quite accepting once you get hold of them.

I carried the adults one by one and then armfuls of cygnets. The adults call and the cygnets reply as they family are reunited. Once all are together and water born again the party sail off without a care to continue there wild life on the River Derwent.
All very satisfactory .
 Just released this little clan of Bullfinch, their nest was disturbed and they came for finishing off. They did well and have gone out today fingers crossed for them.

Thursday, 27 June 2013

All Sorts

A box full of Mallard ducklings reared here , 22 in all ,released at Bank Island, Wheldrake.

A badger was found sleeping in a flower border at a B+B at Cropton. I went out with grasper and carrying box and took her straight to Battleflatts vets Strensall. Mark the vet gave antibiotics and I brought her home . She was very thirsty and drank and drank in front of me, humbling , her thirst must have been very strong.She had badger fight wounds to her rump and neck and was stoddy with infection. She was laid dead in the pen next morning, we tried.
MY old friend the adult male breeding swan has a fine new family on Beck Mills pond.
We have travelled together he and I on lots of occasions. I once lifted him and his wife and 7 cygnets off the main road as he taking them to the river amongst skippy racehorses and big lorries. I put him on the River Derwent and he sailed off his family still complete !
He came in for rehab this last winter after hitting over head cables(see previous blog)with a droopy wing . I put him back after a fortnight and didn't see him for months.
He is rung and has a small hole in the webbing of one foot.
So am so pleased to know he thrives and his off spring are looking grand.

A young Jay came in over the weekend, fit , loud and bouncy. I kept him overnight , fed him well and put him back.

Saturday, 4 May 2013



This big beautiful blonde Buzzard was found downed near a stream in Farndale, North Yorkshire.
She had an injured wing ,the bones splintered and sticking through the skin.
She was examined , x rayed and put to sleep at Battleflatts vets at Stamford Bridge, York.
The x ray clearly shows a shotgun pellet did the damage and this fine protected bird of prey was illegally taken out by a local Farndale shooter.
The North Yorkshire Police and the RSPB were informed and investigations are on going.
The RSPB have put up a £1.0000 reward, I fear their money will be safe as these things are extremely difficult to bottom. We all think our own thoughts and know in all probability would did this, but proving it is another matter.
Shame on them.
I had another Buzzard downed found between Pickering and Malton. She was weak and suffering from multiple abcesses , her lungs/air sacs were full of pus and she was put to sleep.
Looking at her flight feathers were the tell signs of shotgun pellet notches through the barbs
of her feathers, if you look for bird of prey persecution you find it .

A big old boar badger was found in the back yard of a house in Kirbymoorside. RSPCA Ins Geoff Edmond was called out to collect him and he was examined by Andy Forsyth at Battleflatts vets at Strensall. He needed antibiotics for fight wounds and was brought here to recover. He ate well, bounced about on boxing and was taken back home. Chris Peacock who knows the setts in the area came with me on the release. We went mid way between 3 setts not knowing which one was home for him. He didn't need to go far and shot off , he knew exactly where he was going , straight to ground and home.
I've been out badger watching and saw 3 grand fat badger cubs carefully watched by their Mum.

The tired sea birds being cared for by Tod German at Scarboro Sea Life Centre were successfully released at Bempton Cliffs. Well done to Tod for his care and determination to get it right for these lovely birds.

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Spring ?


A skinny badger was being fed by a kind farmers wife near Scarboro. He was sleeping rough in the buildings and had badger fight wounds to his rump and neck. The RSPCA collected him and he arrived here after being seen by Mike Jones, Battleflatts vets. He ate well, was given antibiotics and rested up under a heat lamp.
He was ready for release and was boxed up for his return. He's put on weight, looked clean and rested
and we took him home. The farmers son took us up the fields which was in the middle of 3 different setts.
He lifted his head and drank in the smell of home as we lifted the box from the car. We had to tip him out where he ran down hill for home. His sett was on the sloping woodland in the release picture. To get there he followed the cover of the hedgerows and we saw him in the gaps going fast and strong for home. Lovely.
 Bella with 2 leverets , the first of the Spring youngsters. They've been joined by 2 Mallard ducklings and 2 baby it begins !
This newly woken hedgehog was found in a fen trap and came in for some food and assessment. He's doing well and can go out this week. The circumstances of his capture are being dealt with by the North Yorkshire Police.
I cared for a tired thin Guillemot found beached after heavy storms in the North Sea. Tod German at The Sea Life Centre, Scarboro' had some taken in too. I took mine to him so they could be cared for together. Tod does a superb job with them and here they are looking good in a sea water pool .
He was caring for 6 Guillemots, a Razorbill, a Puffin and a skinny Gannet.
Here's RSPCA In Geoff Edmond, me and Tod,  looking over the sea birds being rehabbed .