Thursday, 29 August 2013

Dark Days for Badgers and a Good Day for a Buzzard.

The badger cull has begun and the free shooting of healthy badgers in the South West is happening now. Do look at all the information now freely available and make up your own minds. The scientists and conservationists are up in arms as it just makes no sense. Badgers are dying to prove a political point. Shame on you nfu and Owen Patterson I will never vote for you and yours. I'm sad, mad and no one seems to be is listening , they have their blinkers on, this cull will harm the farming community and the politicians.
Rant will never be over...................... 

A large this years female Buzzard was found downed by a farm gate. She was gathered up by the kind farming family and we met up to try and help this bird. She was x rayed by Mike Jones and found to have air under the skin on one thigh and shoulder. She had a bruise and had damaged her air sacs.
She settled in a small shed , was fed and left to rest. She had 5 days of medication and was soon fit and raring to go. I took her back  for release and here she is ready to go.
Nicola the land owner took this video on her phone , always the best bit of rehab !
My spirits have been lifted this week with the release of various birds of prey including this Little Owl. It was found in some nettles and was protesting loudly as a Sparrowhawk had it pinned to the ground. 
It recovered and was released this week along with 2 Kestrels, the Buzzard, a Tawny and a Sparrowhawk.


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  1. i want your help to an injured adult buzzard i has fractured wing.