Saturday, 28 August 2010

Sparrowhawk update

The tiny male Sparrowhawk was released after ringing. He flew well and sat facing the wind in a shrubby tree nearby. The female Sparrowhawk with the dippy wing was ringed and released next. She flew fast and banked high up into an ash tree.Wonderful to see them release so well.

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Wildlife Rehab

New Blog...........

Its been a Sparrowhawk week with 5 young birds in. 
This little male came in after flying into a window. 
He was concussed and needed tube feeding. 
He's feeding himself now and looking loads better. 
Another bigger female is flying in an aviary with a dippy bruised wing,
so hopefully they will both go out soon. 

A juvenile male Kingfisher came from Cottingham with concussion, he too had flown into a window. They do not do well in rehab. I tube fed him and left him to rest in an intensive care box with pond insects and a small whitebait. I had to force feed him the fish and he looked a lot brighter. I took him for ringing and release.Hopefully he survived and lived to tell the tale.