Thursday, 27 June 2013

All Sorts

A box full of Mallard ducklings reared here , 22 in all ,released at Bank Island, Wheldrake.

A badger was found sleeping in a flower border at a B+B at Cropton. I went out with grasper and carrying box and took her straight to Battleflatts vets Strensall. Mark the vet gave antibiotics and I brought her home . She was very thirsty and drank and drank in front of me, humbling , her thirst must have been very strong.She had badger fight wounds to her rump and neck and was stoddy with infection. She was laid dead in the pen next morning, we tried.
MY old friend the adult male breeding swan has a fine new family on Beck Mills pond.
We have travelled together he and I on lots of occasions. I once lifted him and his wife and 7 cygnets off the main road as he taking them to the river amongst skippy racehorses and big lorries. I put him on the River Derwent and he sailed off his family still complete !
He came in for rehab this last winter after hitting over head cables(see previous blog)with a droopy wing . I put him back after a fortnight and didn't see him for months.
He is rung and has a small hole in the webbing of one foot.
So am so pleased to know he thrives and his off spring are looking grand.

A young Jay came in over the weekend, fit , loud and bouncy. I kept him overnight , fed him well and put him back.