Saturday, 15 January 2011

Badger Sett Disturbance

This was an active badger sett until agricultural contractors set to work. This sett was badly damaged last March. It has taken this long to get them into court. Sadly the case was dismissed this week after a 2 day trial.
The magistrated decided that as the contractors didn't know it was a sett then they were not guilty for recklessly destroying it.
By more good luck than judgement one entrance was left open, so any remaining live badgers could get out.
Within a day or two the entrance was enlarged by the badgers and lots of footprints were visible.
This badger sett is still in active use with 5 active badger sett entrances.
Very disappointing to get a not guilty but hopefully an experience not to be repeated.

The weather has warmed up and a Mute Swan,3 Mallard ducklings,5 Tawny Owls, a Little Owl and a Barn Owl ate well here and were safe in avairies during the very hard weather. All are out now , back to where they should be.
The hedgehogs do well and some have continued to eat through the winter.