Friday, 3 December 2010

Winter Wonderland.

Thin Barn Owls are coming in. This female lived only a few hours after coming in from Thornton Le Dale.Local farmers are finding them weak and downed. An adult Barn Owl weighs approximately 300g this bird was only 211g . To loose a third of its body weight meant it would not survive, I tried with warm rehyration fluid, heat lamps etc.

The birds in the garden are eating all before them and we've had this covey of Red Legged Partridge.
They are normally quite shy but must be finding the conditions difficult too.

The rehabbed female Sparrowhawk is still calling for food now and again. She seems to like posing on the washing line.

The 3 Mallard ducklings are well gown with flight feathers coming through.  They don't seem to mind the snow, paddling about on water once I've cracked the ice. They can go once the weather yields a bit.
I've a Barn Owl in from Sledmere she had a broken wing. She's recovered , is flying and eating well and can go out once it warms up a bit.
A rta Tawny came in from Wigginton Road , York who is also ready for the off once the ground warms up a bit.
I've hedgehogs large and small snuggled up in deep straw, they'll be here till spring.
Looks like its going to be a long winter.