Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Mrs Sparrowhawk

This big adult female Sparrowhawk has become a regular here. She was brought in as  young bird with a dippy wing from Scarboro.She needed time out and was carefully looked after , ringed and eventually released from my back gate. See previous blog of her going. She returned after 10 days and I put food out for her. She became a regular and is in her third year. She disapeared last spring for 6 weeks . I presume she had been nesting and things hadn't gone well. She hung about the garden resting and feeding after. She remained off and on and this year she went missing for over 3 months.I was delighted to see her back 3 weeks ago where she appeared on top of an avairy. She looks to have a good brood patch and is eating and carrying food away. I put the spy camera out and here she is having her picture taken ! A beautiful bird living a wild life but allowing me a small glimpse of her antics, mega.

This young Kestrel came in thin , bruised and on one leg.
I can't find a break, his feet were scuffed and he was found on the road side. So think he may have been knocked. He allowed me to tit bit feed him today , so fingers crossed he will recover.

The hedgehogs are doing well, growing and eating all in front of them. I've some young birds on the go and the last juv Tawny is nearly ready for the off.

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