Saturday, 14 July 2012

Busy, busy, busy.


There's lots of weaning hedgehogs about , plenty of food available but they get cold, wet and fly blown very quickly in this weather.
So get rid of fly strike, warm them up and feed well.
I've got 15 in , all doing well.
They need to put on weight and then they can go out again.

Some needed syringe feeding just to get them going.

 These 2 sisters had flown into overhead wires in Hull.
Both were bruised and sore and a bit jangled up.
They spent time out with me before release.
Both were marked on their necks by the wires, unlucky to hit them but lucky it was just slight.

 More Mallard ducklings and a single Greylag gosling being released by Craig Ralston of N.E. 
at the Lower Derwenrt Valley Nature Reserve. The ducklings came in from far and wide , the gosling was walking the road with his mother, newly hatched by the local shop! I tried to quietly herd her to the nearest water which was a fair way off. She got spooked and flew high and wide and was not seen again.So the gosling was reared with the mallards. They've been out a week or two now .
I went for a look at Wheldrake this week and there they all are looking good with the Greylag still in attendance !

 Warm cupboard and the odd bods !

How cute are these ?
Bella with a house martin and mallard duckling.

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