Thursday, 28 October 2010

Mallard Ducklings in October ?!

These 3 little beauties arrived this week from York, a bit late in the year but they should do well.

I've 4 Tawny Owls in, all found near roads , all doing well. One has a broken wing but in the right place so should heal ok.

A Sparrowhawk from Wiggington Road, York is nearly ready to go.

An adult Mallard arrived from Hull with a split bill , top and bottom, has been stitched and is healing well.

A Moorhen came in at 9pm last night with fishing line entwined tightly round a leg. We carefully picked at the fine fishing line and removed all before leaving the bird to rest. He's stood this morning and has eaten some cat food and mealworms so can go back tomorrow.

There are 8 hedgehogs in , mostly eating well and looking good.

I lost a swan this week that had flown into overhead power cables, such a big fine adult too.
He never recovered.

I've moved cygnets from gardens and road sides. The young birds of this year are being seen off by thier parents , which is normal for Mute swans.The cygnets hang about feeling confused and get into all sorts of scrapes. The key is to get them in with other non breeding swans and then all is well.  

The rehabbed female Sparrowhawk is still calling and looking much warier and wilder.
She is a big fine bird and flashes in and out sometimes taking the food I put out for her.

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