Sunday, 4 May 2014

Birds of Prey.

This lovely male last years Peregrine was found under over head wires with a wing totally missing.  He was put to sleep, its a miracle he survived the shock etc. he must have hit the wires hard and fast.
Birds of prey and their persecution has been in the news again. I am dealing with a dead buzzard found in suspicious circumstances. If anyone sees / hears or finds an injured/ dead bird of prey or knows of misdeeds concerning birds of prey PLEASE talk to North Yorkshire Police / RSPB investigations unit /me .
I have 4 juv Tawnies in , all 4 were found under trees on the floor. Young tawnies leave the nest and become "branchers" before they can fly. These 4 sadly had not reached that stage and were too weak to climb back up . I have seen them do this at the stage this biggest bird is in the picture.

So ask for advice if you find a young tawny it may be perfectly fine and being cared for. Its such a shame to lift them if they parents are caring for them as normal.

Juv Barn Owls on the floor are very vulnerable and adult Barn Owls tend not to feed or care for their young if they leave the nest site early. So ask for advice .

The baby bird season is upon us and please remember no young garden bird is a good flyer to begin with. If you are worried about juv birds on the floor then lift them up to shed /garage roof, bush /tree but keep them close to where you found them. The parent birds will be close by .

Roe deer will be giving birth late May to June and a reminder if you see a young spotty fawn in cover or sat alone, DO NOT TOUCH it, its mother will be feeding close by and are easily spooked by dogs etc.

I love the spring and I am busy with blackbirds, hedgehogs, tawnies and lots of ducklings.

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