Thursday, 24 May 2012

Here's Fallon Mahon of N.E. with the first lot of orphaned Mallard ducklings being released at North Duffiled NNR.
They came here in ones and twos and were reared on together.
They so love to be out in a natural space and dabbled and swam in the pond. Within 30 minutes they were hiding and behaving just as wild ducks do, wonderful.

These 2 rescued juvenile Jackdaws were taken in after their nest in an old ash tree was cut back illegally. I cared for them for a couple of days and then they went to be fostered at Wheldrake. A favourite nest site for Jackdaws had 2 youngsters the same age. So Craig Ralston of N.E. suggested they all be reared together.
Here's Craig introducing the 2 newcomers to their new home.
Over a week has gone by and all 4 are looking well and thriving.
The N.Y.Police are looking into the reasons they were removed from their nest.

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