Monday, 10 October 2011

Travelling Nightjar.

A specialist woodland bird was found on the deck of a freighter in the middle of the North Sea. The bird was exhausted and was kept safe until it docked at Hull 3 days later. The RSPCA were called and the bird was brought here. No one knew what it was and I was first told it was a small bird of prey.It turned out to be a this years juvenile Nightjar. The wild winds of the American hurricane must have blown this bird of course. Nightjar arrive here in the spring and breed in forest clearings feeding on flying moths and insects.They return to warmer climes in September.                         
She faired well and put on weight and flitted confidently round the kitchen. 
Here's my grandaughter Bella checking her out. She already has spatterhawk, badger and hare in her vocabulary , I'm suitably impressed of course ! The Nightjar was b.t.o. ringed and was ready for release. I took her to a mature mixed woodland with airy rides . She sat at ease on my out stretched hand before flitting off into the gloom of dusk.I hope she reaches the warm skies of Africa after her sea going adventures                      

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  1. So pleased to hear that you were able to release this bird - does it have reasonable chances of migrating successfully? Will there be other 'late' birds for her to fly with?