Thursday, 7 April 2011

Home Sweet Home.

This adult sow was found hiding under a car on the drive way of a rural house. She was collected by the RSPCA and taken to Battleflatts Vets ,Stamford Bridge.
After x rays and examination she came here for rest and rehabilitation. She had pusy infected ears, her eyes were sunk in her head from dehydration and she was far too compliant !
She was given antibiotics, lots of food and left to rest under a heat lamp.

She laid doggo for 2 days, eating all before her and sleeping rolled up in deep straw.
If left alone, fed well and unharassed badgers will switch off and heal well.
She was ready for release a week later.
 There was some stubborness on her part to enter the travelling box, but after some firm cajoling with a board she stepped in and was ready for travelling and release.

The kind householder that found her joined us in my car for a look round the area.
Badgers are very territorial and must be put back very close to where they are found. It was dusk with a bit of traffic still about.A field away from the original site was a lovely badger path leading into a scrubby dark wood.
As I lifted her in the box, she raised her head, drinking in the smell of home.
She stepped smartly out of the travelling cage before I had fully opened the door. She took off along the badger path at speed, for the familiarity of home.
Always the best bit of rehabilitation.

The first Mallard duckling is here along with a baby Robin, 2 juv Tawnies and a rta adult Tawny.

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