Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Wildlife Rehab

New Blog...........

Its been a Sparrowhawk week with 5 young birds in. 
This little male came in after flying into a window. 
He was concussed and needed tube feeding. 
He's feeding himself now and looking loads better. 
Another bigger female is flying in an aviary with a dippy bruised wing,
so hopefully they will both go out soon. 

A juvenile male Kingfisher came from Cottingham with concussion, he too had flown into a window. They do not do well in rehab. I tube fed him and left him to rest in an intensive care box with pond insects and a small whitebait. I had to force feed him the fish and he looked a lot brighter. I took him for ringing and release.Hopefully he survived and lived to tell the tale.                                                               

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