Thursday, 21 June 2012

Otter and Stoat.

 This 5 month old otter cub was found dead on the road side nr Malton. She was in lovely condition, just had a clip with a car which killed her. I took the carcass to the Environment Agencey in York who send them to Cardiff Universirty for post mortem. Good to know they're about but sad this one didn't make it.

The baby stoat did well and has grown into a fine looking animal.

Been out Barn Owl ringing with Craig, Lucy and Fallon in the Lower Derwent Valley. This fine pair were found fat and happy in a wooden nest box. They will soon be fledged and out and about.

Sunday, 10 June 2012

June juv's.

Another roe fawn came in from Norton. This little orphan was found in a layby near Leeds and brought home by some passing motorists.
They rang the rspca , who called me to collect it. They promised they would get it to their wildlife hospital in Cheshire asap. When I called to collect it the couple spoke little english and had done a wonderful job of getting it to suckle from a baby's bottle.I rang the rspca again on arrival home and sadly they were not willing to act quickly. So I boxed him up and went to Cheshire myself. Her needed to settle and begin his rehab without any more sholling about. He fairs well I hear and has been joined by another. They are very difficult to rear.

Here's one of the fostered jackdaws now resident at Wheldrake, fledged and raring to go.
This young Oyster Catcher was found on a trading estate with a scraped leg. He was thin but ready to fly. I took him for ringing and release at Bank Island on the Lower Derwent Valley NNR. Craig, a passing birder and me took him on to the wet pasture for release. As we put him down a passing adult Oyster Catcher made that familiar call and the juv called back whilst still in my hand  !
3 days later Craig rang to say he was watching a ringed juv Oyster Catcher folowing an adult about the wet pasture , all very satisfactory.

A farming couple found this young Little Owl in their hen run with the chickens all joining in to make short work of this little predator. He was rescued and put in nearby bushes where the crows and jackdaws decided to finish him off. So he came here to build up before his return. He should do well and is resting with food and in a dry pen for now. The persistant rain has not been good for juvenile wildlife and many young birds and mammals will have perished. I heard of young tawnies wet through and dying ground nesters found in the long wet grass. Let's hope it cheers up soon.