Thursday, 16 September 2010

Weasel Release.

Here's the little female weasel on release. She was brought here after a cat brought her through a cat flap. She was very small and needed careful feeding and rearing. She remained a little wild fierce thing and was never a concern. Good Luck to her.

The Shot Buzzard is stood this morning and has eaten over night,
long way to go yet.

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Bird of Prey Persecution

This beautiful Buzzard was found on farm land near Pateley Bridge. It had been seen 4 days before, grounded. He came here for assessment and treatment.
He is very thin and was tube fed before examination by the vet.
The x ray reveals all. He had been shotgun shot with pellets lodged under the skin near the leg joint,  fracturing the leg.
His flight feathers have been broken by the shotgun pellets so he is grounded for a while. Hopefully he will survive to be be released. The farmer that found him asked that he not be returned to his home land as it too dangerous for birds of prey. All birds of prey are protected by law but unless someone sees a bird being shot or knows of illegal poisoning and is prepare to stand up and say so, these things continue to go on.
I hope he will go on to be a wild healthy bird again.

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Even more Sparrowhawks !

Here's the latest Sparrowhawk being released from home . She too was a juvnile and had flown into a window. She stayed a week , ate well was ringed and now is free as a bird !

Here's our local female just visible on the canary and zebra finch avairy.She flashes up at the mesh sides spooking the inhabitants. She even caught one through the wire one day.
She thought the handle bars of my sons mountain bike was a good vantage point to view the scene ! Both photographs taken through the windows.